“Tlaib Reacts Strongly When Questioned in 2019 About Israel’s Right to Exist: ‘Do You Work for Netanyahu?!'”

"Tlaib Reacts Strongly When Questioned in 2019 About Israel's Right to Exist: 'Do You Work for Netanyahu?!'"

“Tlaib Reacts Strongly When Questioned in 2019 About Israel’s Right to Exist: ‘Do You Work for Netanyahu?!'”

A video allegedly from 2019 has surfaced featuring Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the progressive Democrat from Michigan, where she discusses the idea of Israel and the Palestinian people coexisting and whether Israel has a right to exist. In the video, which was obtained by Fox News Digital, Tlaib engages in a spirited conversation with a self-identified “concerned Jewish constituent.”

At the beginning of the clip, Tlaib states, “Separate but equal doesn’t work, it didn’t work with Blacks and Whites in our country, it shouldn’t work in Israel.” The person recording the video, who chose to remain anonymous, pressed Tlaib further, asking, “So would that be a right for Israel to exist?”

Tlaib responded with a question, asking, “Do they pay you guys? Do you work for Netanyahu?” The questioner clarified that she is an American citizen and urged Tlaib to provide a clear answer.

Tlaib was asked, “Would you like to answer the question?” and the Congresswoman inquired if the interviewer understood the meaning of “coexist.” The questioner affirmed her understanding of the term, to which Tlaib responded, “Why isn’t that beautiful? That should mean coexist. That means everyone should feel safe, no matter who they are or what their background is.”

The questioner followed up with, “So the Jews would have a state that they felt safe in?” to which Tlaib stated, “If it means my grandmother can’t exist equally as a human being then, no. Right?” as she entered a crowded elevator. She reiterated, “So coexist. Separate but equal doesn’t work,” as the elevator doors closed.

Tlaib has faced criticism for her stance in the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, drawing condemnation from both Republicans and the White House. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre expressed the administration’s disagreement with the comments made by Tlaib and other progressive Democrats in Congress, stating that they were “wrong, repugnant, and disgraceful.” She emphasized that the condemnation should be directed toward terrorists who have committed violence.

Tlaib released a statement on October 8, following the surprise attack by Hamas on Israel, expressing her grief for the lives lost on both sides and her determination to work toward a just and peaceful future. She called for ending the blockade, occupation, and dismantling the apartheid system, asserting that the failure to recognize the reality of living under such conditions perpetuates violence.

Tlaib also faced criticism during the Hamas terror attack for displaying a Palestinian flag outside her Capitol Hill office, a flag that had been there since at least January 2023. Multiple requests for comment to Tlaib’s office went unanswered as of Saturday.

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