Senator Ted Cruz’s Reaction to Fulton County Indictment Sparks Fact-Checking

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz’s Reaction to Fulton County Indictment Sparks Fact-Checking

Senator Ted Cruz’s Reaction to Fulton County Indictment Sparks Fact-Checking

The recent Fulton County indictment, which involved former President Trump and 18 others, triggered a strong reaction from Texas Senator Ted Cruz. However, many found his remarks in need of fact-checking.

While appearing on Fox News’s “Hannity,” Cruz expressed his frustration, stating, “I’m upset.” Just before the charges became official, Cruz presented his perspective, noting, “If there are indictments tonight, it’ll be the fourth indictment of Donald Trump.”

Cruz went on to elaborate, saying, “This is deeply troubling. Our nation has a history spanning over 200 years, and we have never indicted a former president or a presidential candidate who was a leading contender. In this case, it’s Joe Biden and the Democrats manipulating the justice system out of fear of the voters.”

He further commented on the timing of the indictment, stating, “The timing here is clearly politically motivated. Every time negative news emerges regarding Hunter or Joe Biden, it seems like, within hours, someone rushes to indict Donald Trump, and the media jumps on the bandwagon, repeating ‘Trump, Trump, Trump.'”

Senator Graham also shared his thoughts on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” noting, “Fulton County is, I believe, the most liberal county in all of Georgia, with a Democrat District Attorney.”

He continued, “I’m uncertain about the specifics of the indictment, but what I do know is that when you look at Manhattan, Fulton County, and D.C., they are among the most liberal jurisdictions in the country. This situation is notably unfair to President Trump.”

Senator Graham emphasized, “The American people should decide whether he should be president or not. This decision should be made at the ballot box rather than being orchestrated by liberal jurisdictions attempting to imprison him.”

In response to Cruz’s statements, Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez argued, “No matter what Ted Cruz asserts, no one, not even a former President, is exempt from the law.”

Adding to this, the attorney commented, “Donald Trump interfered with a free and fair election, leading to a Georgia grand jury issuing multiple felony indictments against him.”

The Texas Democrat and lawyer further remarked, “Instead of condemning Trump, Ted Cruz appears more focused on harnessing government resources to protect him. Cruz’s approach is seen by many as lacking courage.”

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan chimed in, saying, “Cruz claims that we have never indicted a former president before. 1) So? 2) Maybe we should have! 3) We have also never had a president before who incited an armed insurrection and attempted to overturn an election.”

Chris Boeskool expressed his viewpoint bluntly, “The official GOP stance is that these indictments are a result of the abuse of power by angry, politically motivated Democrats, rather than the real reason: He committed numerous crimes. The reason we’ve ‘never seen this before’ is because we’ve never had such a problematic criminal as a president.”

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