“Live Updates: Tragic Shootings in Lewiston, Maine – 22 Lives Lost, Dozens Injured”

Tragic Shootings in Lewiston, Maine

“Live Updates: Tragic Shootings in Lewiston, Maine – 22 Lives Lost, Dozens Injured”

  • A Lewiston police source has confirmed at least 22 fatalities.
  • Robert Card, aged 40, has been identified by the police as a person of interest linked to the shootings at Schemengees Bar and Sparetime Recreation.
  • Law enforcement authorities report that approximately 50 to 60 individuals sustained injuries across various locations, including a local bowling alley.
  • A local medical center is actively responding to a “mass casualty” incident.
  • Urgent advisories have been issued, urging residents in Lewiston and Auburn to remain sheltered in place.
  • The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office has released images of a man holding a rifle, captioned as the “suspect for identification.”
  • Lewiston police have launched a “manhunt” for an individual allegedly connected to the shooting spree.
  • Lewiston, with a population of nearly 37,000, is situated approximately 30 miles to the north of Portland.”

A Walmart distribution center in Lewiston was placed on lockdown when reports of gunfire emerged. However, according to a statement from a company spokesperson, there was no actual shooting incident at that location.

Initially, law enforcement had reported gunfire at three different businesses: a bowling alley, a restaurant, and the Walmart distribution center. Subsequently, officers thoroughly searched the Walmart distribution center but found neither suspects nor victims, as confirmed by the company.

Walmart representative Joe Pennington clarified, stating, “There was no shooting on Walmart’s property. The distribution center was temporarily locked down as a precaution, and a thorough police search of the facility yielded no evidence of any incident, and thankfully, no injuries were reported.”

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