Israel-Hamas war live Updates: Biden Disputes Hospital Blast Responsibility

Israel-Hamas war live Updates

Israel-Hamas war live Updates: Biden Disputes Hospital Blast Responsibility

Putin Optimistic About Israel-Hamas Conflict Escalation

Vladimir Putin expressed his optimism that the Israel-Hamas conflict would not evolve into a larger-scale war. He indicated that he had the impression “that there are practically no players ready to escalate the conflict.” During his statement in Beijing, Russia’s president acknowledged the tragic event at the hospital, where hundreds of casualties occurred, describing it as a catastrophe. He emphasized the need to end the conflict promptly and focus on initiating contacts and negotiations.

In his opinion, the major stakeholders involved, for various reasons, do not appear inclined to further develop the conflict into a full-fledged war. The hospital blast, which led to significant loss of life, remains a point of contention, with Palestinian officials attributing it to an Israeli airstrike and Israel claiming it resulted from a failed rocket launch by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a claim denied by the group.

Putin also communicated with several leaders in the region, including the Iranian president, the Syrian president, the Egyptian president, the Palestinian Authority president, and the Israeli prime minister.

(Note: This rewrite is based on the original text but may not reflect the most current developments in the Israel-Hamas conflict.)

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