Scarlett Johansson, the accomplished actress, stood up against controversial claims that she auditioned to be Tom Cruise's girlfriend in 2018.

The actress vehemently denied the allegations and labeled them as demeaning, asserting her autonomy over her relationships.

In a passionate retort, Scarlett emphasized her integrity and the ability to choose her own relationships.

Scarlett called out the claim's originator, Brendan Tighe, and expressed her disbelief in such a wild story.

The allegations came from Brendan Tighe, a former Scientologist, during an interview on Megyn Kelly Today.

The Church Of Scientology also refuted Tighe's stories, clarifying his limited role within the Church and his eventual removal.

These allegations were not the first of their kind, as controversies regarding Tom Cruise's romantic relationships have surfaced in the past.

In 2012, Vanity Fair suggested the Church of Scientology's involvement in choosing Tom Cruise's partners, with actress Nazanin Boniadi allegedly being a previous choice.

Scarlett Johansson's dignified response remains a defining moment in Hollywood, emphasizing the importance of maintaining integrity and speaking out against rumors and stories.

Scarlett's strong character and unwavering stance serve as a reminder of the need to preserve one's integrity and voice in the midst of Hollywood's intricate web of controversies.