Fontainebleau readying $3.7-billion Las Vegas hotel


Fontainebleau readying $3.7-billion Las Vegas hotel

Scheduled to open on December 13th, the Las Vegas branch will occupy 25 acres at the northern terminus of the Las Vegas Strip, positioned strategically between the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Sahara. Its imposing monolithic exterior will catch the eye of spectators at the northernmost turns of the upcoming Formula One car race set to roar through Sin City next month.

In a city celebrated for its extravagant attractions, the introduction of this particular hotel is a significant event. The Fontainebleau brand carries substantial name recognition and marks the first new resort to grace the Strip since Resorts World’s debut in 2021.

This 3,644-room establishment represents the culmination of a 23-year journey initiated by Jeffrey Soffer, Chairman and CEO of Fontainebleau Development when he acquired the property in 2000. Construction on the hotel commenced in 2007 but was halted the following year due to the Great Recession. For 12 years, the partially completed building stood as a colossal testament to overdevelopment. Just before the pandemic, a series of agreements rekindled the project. Soffer, in partnership with Koch Real Estate Investments, reclaimed the property in 2021 and resolved to complete what they had initiated.

Exquisite Suites for High Rollers While Las Vegas is no stranger to luxurious suites catering to the most discerning gamblers, the high-end suites at Fontainebleau Las Vegas promise to set a new standard of sophistication, as revealed in an exclusive report obtained by CNN Travel earlier this week.

These 76 suites, collectively known as Fontainebleau Fleur de Lis, will grace the upper five floors of the 67-story tower. As the tallest habitable structure in the state (the Strat Tower is taller but not officially habitable), these suites will offer sweeping vistas of the Strip and the entire Las Vegas Valley.

Among the standout features in these suites are billiards tables, wellness rooms, and custom Italian bedding. Fontainebleau Development President Brett Mufson asserts that the Fleur de Lis collection delivers a “six-star experience” tailored to individual preferences, creating a home-away-from-home atmosphere for every guest.

Mufson stated, “We are proud to say Fleur de Lis is a masterpiece, with meaning behind every detail and design choice, and we cannot wait for guests to discover what we’ve created for them.”

The Fleur de Lis suites range in size from 1,000 square feet to the pinnacle of opulence, the 10,000-square-foot penthouse. Crafted by London-based David Collins Studio, these spaces feature lofty ceilings and incorporate design elements reminiscent of the original mid-century modern Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

For instance, all suites, along with various spaces throughout the resort, boast the iconic bowtie shape originally conceived by architect Morris Lapidus for the Florida property.

Simon Rawlings, Chief Creative Officer at the David Collins Studio, explained, “As we approached this project, we recognized that the design needed to pay homage to the original location, with elements seamlessly integrated throughout the property. But we also needed to create something entirely fresh and unexpected to meet the present moment. The history is in the details, with icons and symbols effortlessly woven into the design to represent the brand’s history and authentic personality.”

Mufson added that Fleur de Lis guests will have access to personal valet and concierge services to arrange tickets and dinner reservations, along with butlers who can assist with finding the perfect pillows, drawing baths, and more.

Published rates for Fleur de Lis suites commence at $5,000 per night, while standard rooms start at $300 per night.

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